JOTA Sales office

JOTA Sp. z o.o. sales office was founded in 1989 and since then it is a well prospering company specializing in Shell oils, greases and lubricants as well as their distribution.

JOTA is a modern, dynamically developing company operating in Poland and other European countries. From the very beginning, our business activities have been connected with a multinational petrochemical concern. The company has been the biggest Shell’s Strategic Distributor in Poland and the only Certified Authorized Distributor of AEROSHELL brand in Poland.

With a good knowledge of the oil market supported by twenty years of experience in sales of grease products we have become a reliable and trustworthy company chosen by armed forces, police, power industry, manufacturing and mining companies, as well as dozens of minor companies, plants and gas stations. We are suppliers for the aviation industry including equipment manufacturers, aerial service companies, flying clubs and owners of planes and helicopters.

We have developed our own storage infrastructure and logistical means.

The company abides by the quality management system and is ISO 9001 compliant.